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Here are answers to questions people often ask us:

How much do classes and dances cost?

Presently, Golden State Squares charges $8 per dance class, for 2-hrs of instruction. Monthly club dances are $8 for 3-hrs of dancing.

Is there a dress code?

No!  Shorts, jeans and T-shirts are the most common attire. Optional club polo shirts are available for purchase, which we often use at special events. But wearing them is not required.

What if I don't have a partner?

The nice thing about square dancing is that you don't need a steady partner. Most of the time you will be dancing with different people with each tip. Plus, many dancers are able to dance either lead or follow. The protocol is to simply fill the square wherever there is an opening. This is a great way to meet people.

What if I'm a klutz and can't dance?

We hear this one a lot. Square dancing does not require special dance ability. This is not ballet! If you can walk and know your left from your right, you can square dance! It is not uncommon to feel uncoordinated at times. Because a square is dependent on eight people, there are ample opportunities for the square to break down and opportunities to recover it. That's what makes it fun.

Class instruction will give you plenty of practice. Also, there are experienced dancers, called Angels, there to help you through. Your primary challenge is to keep your concentration while having a good time.

What is the relative mix of men and women?

Demographics varies with each club, primarily based on geographic location. We are not aware of any published metrics on this topic. There are no gay-only or lesbian-only clubs to our knowledge.

The only demographic group targeted by Golden State Squares is "gay friendly" people. This has resulted in a wonderfully diverse club membership. With regards to gender, our group is evenly split between men and women, and has been for several years. The leadership of the club is similarly split.

What is a "fly-in"?

Various clubs around the country sponsor special weekend-long dances called "fly-ins." The name springs from the fact that most attendees have to travel (fly) to the event. These events are terrific fun and a great way to see a part of the country you may not have been to. It's also a great way to meet new people.

Since Golden State Squares is based in Orange County, California, we have the opportunity to attend several excellent fly-ins within a short driving distance. One of our favorites was Finest City Squares' fly-in in San Diego, which we hope they will reactivate soon. This is a must-attend event!

What is the international convention?

Think of the convention as the ultimate fly-in (see above). This weekend-long event, which typically attracts over 1000 dancers from around the world, is held in different cities each year. They have been held for more than 20-years, and grow larger each year. It is the premier event of the year.

Some of the venues in recent years have included Washington DC, Cleveland, Denver, Anaheim, Santa Clara and Phoenix. Please visit the IAGSDC web site for a list of upcoming conventions.

What is the IAGSDC?

This acronym stands for International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs. Essentially, it is an organization comprised of gay square dance clubs from around the country (and the world). Rather than try to explain its mission here, check out their web site at